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Education & Experience

Upon receiving her Bachelor’s in Business Administration in Finance from Texas Tech on a scholarship, Arleen worked in banking for over 20 years. During this time, she served in a variety of key roles in the financial services industry, including Senior Vice President, National Hispanic Marketing Manager, Retail Banking Center Manager, International Private Banking Manager, credit officer, and now co-founder and principal at REEP Equity.
Arleen is a numbers gal through and through. Her expertise in finance has been an invaluable asset in her career in multifamily real estate investing and her other endeavors. As she continues to expand her real estate portfolio alongside her family, Arleen also lends her expertise to people from all walks of life who want to get started with real estate investing.

Through her successful consulting business, Arleen has proven to be a robust source of motivation for those curious about getting their start in the competitive and complex world of real estate investing.

Arleen also knows women bring tremendous value to the table, specifically when it comes to making decisions based on gut instinct, problem-solving abilities, and communication skills—all of which are essential qualities for successful real estate investors.

Building Passive Income with Passion

Arleen has dedicated herself throughout her career to helping people reach their own financial goals—including finding stable investments, preserving their earnings, and saving on taxes in the process. She believes the key to this financial success is through real estate investing and does her best to share her knowledge with others to make a positive impact on their lives.

With Arleen’s help, those who want to create financial freedom through real estate investing (and other avenues) have access to the tools they need to make sound decisions regarding their investments.

Arleen’s track record of success extends to her role as co-founder and principal at REEP Equity alongside her husband, Jacob. Arleen’s financial and business acumen have been instrumental in leading the company’s growth through acquisitions and investments, as well as providing valuable insights to other real estate investors.

Her extensive experience, along with her degree in finance, make her an indispensable asset to REEP Equity, and she continues to guide the company toward greater success.

The multitude of industry awards REEP Equity has received speaks to Arleen and Jacob’s combined expertise.

A Force for Transformation in Real Estate

Arleen is motivated by helping others grow their wealth while also providing REEP Equity employees with opportunities to learn, grow, and realize their potential. She is passionate about uplifting her community and being a force for transformation in the real estate industry. Arleen has become a leader in the real estate space and continues to strive toward leaving a lasting legacy of success.


It’s What Matters Most

Arleen has been married to Jacob Garza for more than 32 years, and they have worked together on REEP Equity for over 12. Together, they have two kids—Victoria and Jack—who were introduced to the family business as children. Working with family has been an adjustment, Arleen explains, but a very fun one. Watching their children grow professionally and personally is a great source of pride for Arleen and Jacob, and they have always had the importance of working as hard as everyone else instilled in them.

When she’s not working, Arleen is a voracious reader and writer and is even currently in the process of publishing her first fiction novel.

Arleen, Jacob, Victoria & Jack Garza

Arleen also looks forward to traveling and experiencing new cultures and places – a fantastic way to find inspiration for her work while also unwinding and relaxing.

Aside from her personal interests, Arleen has set some ambitious professional goals for herself and her business, including growing REEP Equity’s business by twice its size and hitting five billion in real estate assets.

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